Yahoo Search Growth Beats Google

Yahoo’s share of search traffic has grown faster than Google’s in the last year, according to new data from Nielsen//Netratings.

Nielsen’s October U.S. search share rankings show Yahoo with 1.46B searches, up 30% from last year and representing 23.9% of all U.S. searches. Google was used for 3.02B searches, up 23% from last year. Google is responsible for 49.6% of all Internet searches.

MSN/Windows Live Search fell 8% year-over-year. IAC InterActive Corp.’s saw search traffic jump 25%, although the search engine only accounts for 2.8% of the market.

If you look at the data over the last three months (charts below), Yahoo and Google’s share of searches follows the same pattern. MSN, meanwhile, has shown a steady decline in number of searches (slight bump in October), while both and AOL report steady growth.


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