14 Tactics to Make Your Website Work Harder Right Now: Tactic 13 – Get Listed, Get a Little Bit Famous

Posted by Karri Flatla November 03, 2006
Without back links, your site is invisible to the search engines. Just remember to temper your link lust with the idea that, as with most things in life, quality trumps quantity. Pursue listings in popular directories as well as niche directories that have the ability to attract very targeted traffic. (If someone goes to the trouble to find you in Kudzu, he is probably looking for something very specific. He is also probably comfortable shopping online.) Ensure good returns on the time you spend trying to get back links and follow each directory’s submission guidelines to the letter.

Once you have a few directory listings, get in touch with some of your colleagues in related industries and see if they might be interested in linking back to you. One way links are generally best, but if your site is new and/or a relative unknown, a reciprocal link exchange with a reputable, high-traffic site will help the search engines find and index your pages. That’s important.

TIP: If you can’t get into Dmoz, relax. It does not mean you’re doomed to remain on the Internet fringe forever. Lots of fantastically successful sites are not listed in Dmoz. Keep in mind that such directories are edited by real people, usually volunteers (as is the case with Dmoz). Given the volumes of submissions these directories receive, many of which are poorly written or just plain spammy, it’s amazing anyone get’s listed before their funeral.


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