14 Tactics to Make Your Website Work Harder Right Now: Tactic 11 – Cross Your “T”s and Dot Your “I”s

Posted by Karri Flatla November 01, 2006
If you want your visitors to take you seriously, then you have to get serious about your image. The fact is, people DO judge a book by its cover (or a website by its appearance). In other words, if your site was going to a job interview, would the interviewer cross it off the list as a candidate because of sloppy appearance? No matter how qualified you are for “the job,” you won’t make the short list if it looks like you don’t care. Sometimes, success is in the details. A few that are worth attending to:

-> Have someone proof your site for typos and obvious grammatical errors. You don’t need an editor to do this either. Anyone with a command of the English language will do. It’s amazing what a second set of eyes can see!

-> Have a few more people look at your color scheme. Even if they are not in your target market (although that would be best), you need to know if your colors are simply “off.” Approximately 8% of the population is color blind, and most of those people are men, my husband included. And you wouldn’t believe the color combos he thinks look good.

-> This one is easy: Check your site for bad or broken links. Every time someone clicks on a link within your website they are handing you a little piece of their time, their trust, and their belief in what you have to offer. Don’t waste clicks!

-> Test your site for cross-browser compatibility. Don’t use the latest and greatest versions of your favorite browsers to do this either. Not everyone is using those. Instead, check out one of the free browser tests online. Browsershots.org has a nice one.

There are really no excuses for not performing these routine checks. And if you don’t have time or really can’t stand dealing with fussy details, hire a Virtual Assistant!


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