Make Your Website Work Harder Right Now: Tactic No. 2

Posted by Karri Flatla October 24, 2006
State what your company does at the very beginning of your homepage’s body copy. One or two sentences will do. Be concise and speak in terms of results for the customer. You don’t have to be Hemingway here. Just remind your audience why they clicked over to your site in the first place. What sets you apart from the competition? Give your visitors a reason to keep on reading—it’s the warm handshake they need to feel better about spending precious time shopping your wares.

Quick tip: this is not a mission statement. Telling your visitors that “ABC Widgets is the premiere provider of wooden widgets to businesses all over North America” doesn’t cut it. Such statements are flaky and say absolutely nothing about your company or why someone should patronize it. Remember, five gazillion other sellers of wooden widgets are just a click away.


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