New Google Tool Offers AdWords Previews

By: Doug Caverly

A new Google feature was recently noticed: you can test how an ad will appear in various locations. “We’ve heard your feedback and now have a tool for you to use to preview your ads no matter where they’re targeted,” said Google, describing the new product on InsideAdWords.

Credit goes to “kevgibbo” on WebmasterWorld for pointing out the tool. “AdWordsAdvisor” quickly responded, writing, “Glad this has tool been noticed, as it has been a long-standing request on this Forum.”

The tool will allow users to “preview at will without accruing impressions or accidental clicks. Best of all, you can refine the results page by adding location attributes and values manually to the URL of the ad preview page. Optional attributes include a target country, longitude/latitude coordinates, regions, and cities. In the U.S., you can also set a target ZIP code or designated market area (DMA).”

The write-up also explained why anyone would be interested in the tool. “Like many businesses leveraging search advertising, you may be trying to reach customers beyond your physical location. Perhaps this means reaching a neighboring city, or maybe there’s another state or even country to which you can ship your products.”

Vivian, author of the InsideAdWords note, then mentioned the desirability of “location targeting options,” which “give you the power to reach customers in just those places where you want to promote your business.”

The user “weeks” on WebmasterWorld made a (mostly) positive response. “This is going to make G more of a real ad network that is easier for ad agencies to control and explain. This will make money for G. And a lot of other people. It’s overdue.”


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