The Digg Of Search Marketing News

By: Andy Beal

After getting tired of keeping track of the hundreds of blogs discussing the search engine marketing space, Jonathan Nelson decided there must be a better way of tracking the hottest news.
Using the model made popular by Digg and other social bookmarking sites, the Shopzilla employee decided to create Search N Sniff as a way to keep track of the most popular search engine news.

I asked Jonathan to share what was the driving force behind the creation of Search N Sniff. He told me, “I think it’s fair to say that we have seen all sorts of “web2.0″ community based sites popping up all over. We’ve seen Digg as a social medium for tech news, YouTube for the aspiring videographer and of course Wikipedia as an online encyclopedia. With all of this happening, I still couldn’t find a great way to consolidate the plethora of search related news I read every day. Search N Sniff is an attempt to help solve that problem. My dream has been to help the search marketing community. I hope I’ve done that with this project.”

It’s cool to see this model become so popular that it can be applied to more narrow verticals, and boy does the search engine industry need some kind of order.

Search N Sniff is brand-spanking new, so Jonathan tells me that he’s still working to add features and refine it, but it has the potential to become a popular destination for those looking for a one-stop option for tracking popular search engine news.


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