The Most Important, Most Overlooked Snippet Of Web Copy

And it’s so easy, it takes just a few minutes to do. You don’t need special expertise, technical or otherwise. It isn’t a trick and it isn’t black hat SEO. And you’ll kick yourself when you realize you’ve missed this one simple and so-effective optimization necessity.

Your title tags. All of them, but especially your home page and your all-important product pages, need to be optimized with your top keyword phrase for that page. But it’s amazing how many times I’ve visited client sites where the title tag for every page reads simply: “The ABC Insurance Company” or even worse “Home Page”.

If you’re going to all the effort of researching keywords (or paying an SEO to research them), and applying those terms to your site content, then grab hold of this golden opportunity to increase your SEO impact at zero cost.

Let’s say your top 2 keyword phrases are “flood insurance” and “insurance protection program”. Your title tag could read “Flood Insurance Protection Program, The ABC Insurance Company”. Both search terms are there, they appear first in the tag, and the company name follows. All bases covered.

And remember each page needs its own set of keyword phrases. Using the same search terms for every page of your site is a wasted opportunity because you’re missing out on dozens if not hundreds of other terms people might be using to find products/services just like yours. Whether they find you through your home page or through a sub page doesn’t matter as long as they find you, are engaged by the content and enticed by the call to action included on every page.

In short, there’s a reason why the title tag is the very first thing that appears on every web page – it’s THAT important.


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