Learn SEO From Google

By: Lee Odden

WebmasterWorld has an interesting thread pointing out a seminar to be held Sept 18th at Catholic University called, “Optimizing Your Websites for Google Search”. What’s interesting about it is that the seminar is being taught by Adam Lasnik from Google for a measly $30.
Link: WebmasterWorld thread

Here’s the description:

“If you build it, they will come.”

What do you do when you aren’t getting the traffic from search engines that you expected? We’ll cover the basics of how search engines work and how you can successfully adjust your site to be both human and search-engine-friendly. From live site dissections (no holds barred!) to jargon-busting (what’s a 301 redirect and why should you care?) to lots of Q&A, this session will be absolutely interactive and packed full with actionable information.

What You’ll Learn

* Understanding how search engines work

* Effectively getting website pages into the indexes of search engines

* Getting your site appropriately listed when users type in relevant keywords

Even if the presentation is focused mostly on the “create lots of original content and make your sites spider friendly” sort of search engine optimization as suggested by Martinibuster in the WMW thread, I think they should shoot the seminar and publish it to Google video. That would be some good webmaster relations.

Here’s a link to the full seminar description.


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