Firefox Celebrates & Some Useful Extensions

The first thing we should note is the exciting news (to us geeks anyways) that today the fine folks at Mozilla are popping the corks on some Champaign and celebrating the 200 millionth download of the Firefox browser.

We at Beanstalk have long since touted the superiority of this browser over other’s on the market. It’s open-source nature has allowed for a number of excellent extension to be developed for it allowing users to instantly access a wide range of features/information including a number of useful SEO tools, instant weather reports, and a whole lot more. I couldn’t possibly list off all the extension here. If you’re interested in seeing what else this browser can do for you, you can visit the Firefox Extensions area of the Mozilla site at

Now, with heartfelt congratulations now passed on to the Mozilla folks, let’s move of to another related topic and that’s the publication of a useful article I found today on the Site-Reference site by Adam McFarland, owner of iPrioritize. The article describes and provides links to 13 other useful Firefox Extensions including a couple I wasn’t already using (thanks Adam).

You can read the article on the Site-Reference site here.


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